Maternity care

  (1) confined nursing: for maternal wash pajamas, and Pajama pants, day do 4-6 meal nutrition meal;
(2) puerperium nursing: maternal need a comfortable quiet of environment, indoor ventilation good, makes air fresh, but should avoid on fan, postpartum 24 hours within bed rest, half liquid diet;
(3) breast nursing: for nipple chapped, and SAG nipple of processing, and and the milk insufficient of measures;
(4) edge nursing: Blade red with 95% alcohol wet dressing for about 20 minutes, 2-3;
(5), postpartum nutrition mix: is mainly meat and mix coarse flour mix required to guarantee maternal nutritional needs required in one day.
(6) 24-hour short-time care in hospitals: fewer families, newborns in circles, don't care all day;
(7) postpartum exercise instruction: mainly on reasonable exercise postpartum weight gain, and the function recovery of the maternal body.

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