Three-month-baby what's wrong

  many parents feel that a three-month-old baby is in the growth boundary, because the first few weeks of chaos days are gone, the next days will be more prosperous and the baby looks a bit like a real person.
from the baby's point of view this means what? two very important things happened during this period: the
, the first thing is that baby has been able to focus at this time, they are clearly happy to recognize the people and things they love. From birth, babies began to understand things around, such as new-born babies to mother the direction of the sound, like in the womb has heard such a voice can tell. Instant response has now become organized, and has been strengthened. Babies have the memories. His mind was growing up, he can already easily fixed on things to see, or you can easily focus. Not only with his hands to grab something, and thought processes to understand them. He cautiously extended his perception of the world.
the second important thing is that the baby can do way, things worked out their own likes and dislikes. Similarly, this process began when the babies were born. Baby likes warm milk instead of pain in his stomach. But the difference is, now he knows they like something, does not like something. Baby smiles, for example, infants from birth when they show an innate General smile, but after three months, he could fully smile to welcome parents.
we're talking about the baby's growth, and this growth that began three months ago, and will continue to grow. However, this growth in the middle of the first year of this months especially interesting, particularly evident.

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