Notice for growth: a year high of spring is the

  grass in the spring, is the growing season, our babies are growing up fast in this vibrant season. According to a report by the World Health Organization, children's rate of growth is not the same at the four seasons, baby in April or May each year is the best time to grow. At the peak of an annual growth in, what do you give your baby eat will not miss out on this golden period of development?
minerals: elongated bone
calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and other minerals that make up the skeletal structure of the most basic elements, therefore adequate and appropriate mineral supplement is very important for bone lengthening, calcium-rich milk and fish is the preferred diet of the child. In addition, the function must not lose sight of some important trace elements, such as iron and zinc, these elements are available in many areas of life activities adjust the speed of the growth and development of children, so with these trace elements rich in animal offal, fish and nuts are recommended, and worthy of consideration.
fats and fatty acids: power
height is one of the most important in the growth and development of development, adequate intake of fatty acids is necessary. Unless the child's weight has exceeded the standard body weight of 25%, and the indicator of obesity, you should not strictly choose fatty foods. Should be how to choose natural foods high in essential fatty acids, such as fish, eggs, etc, it is recommended not to eat too much food containing high fat, such as butter and cream.
vitamins: higher
essential element of vitamins is essential for children's growth and development. This family of vitamin a, b and c play an important role especially for children, such as high and everyday foods in citrus fruits, carrots, spinach and other vitamins. So you have often note observation, children whether only love eat "meat", and not eat these important of vegetables, and fruit does?
in daily in the, has which food helps long high does? rough meters, and rye, and millet,; dairy, and egg class; soybean, and bean, and pea, and tofu,; South seeds, and walnut, and peanut,; rape, and carrot, and dish pepper, and leek, and cabbage, and tomato, and potato, and onion,; fruit has Apple, and strawberry, and orange, and orange, and pineapple, and grape,; fish class has sardines, and oyster, and beef , Lean pork, etc.
"high" cuisine
rot clothing Burrito
material: tofu, minced, ginger, onions. Ingredients: rice, broth, sugar, salt.
method: 1. spring onion, ginger, finely shredded and set aside. Add onion, ginger, rice wine, salt, mix with minced meat.
2. flavored tofu with minced meat bags into strips.
3. wrapped meatloaf in frying pan at medium temperature until skin is golden, remove and set aside.
4. in another pan, add broth, soy sauce and sugar in sauce. Put the fried meat rolls and sauces can be absorbed completely.
features: bean skin volume not only contains large amounts of animal protein, and vegetable protein, is a higher ideal for baby food.
material: ground meat, mushrooms, tofu, mushroom, proteins, vegetables, carrots, noodles, seaweed, chicken bones.
ingredients: salad oil, salt.
method: 1. chicken bones join total kelp soup. Mushroom, mushroom, cut into fine strips of carrot, vegetables cut into sections, cut tofu strips, boiling water perm.
2. adding proteins to form small balls hot cooked with minced meat. Buy their Ramen broth cooked, then add material and condiments.
features: many materials, including meat, vegetables, eggs, flour, full of nutrient elements, taste is also very good. (Akinao)

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