Smile + eyes set up parent-child communication bridge

  "my mother always read my diary and duplicity that he is the most liberal of Mama!" " As soon as I say that Jay, nagging mother in my ear, what can I say he set up a, English not so smooth! " Autumn home plant, father without any explanation, they brutally thrown into the trash! " On November 24, 990, "the public and society ยท Forum "into secondary school North everyone express their opinions.
Readme/> parents nagging tips with parents "good death" students of Gu Yifan now kiss my mother every now and then, handed the microphone in his hand, "the best MOM and dad talk!" Said, following uproar. Xiaogu and dad the most speculative topic is politics, every time dad and talk about techniques, politics slowly to learn politics explain learning problems, was regaled by Xiao gu.
Similarly, a little "fans" mothers that classmates envy, "my mother has more stars than I knew. Exams never pressure me! " Liu had a fashionable liberal mother and proud of myself.
years and his son into "brothers"
"for many years and his son brother!" Little Li Shen describes himself and the father's relationship, although father travel all year round in the field, came back only once every two months, but both father and son have never talk about anything and intimacy. When it comes to parent-child relationships secret, "Dad can tolerate I sit at the computer and play video games at the weekend, can tolerate I brazenly lying on the couch watching the disc. So, I also understand that he can't afford to stay in bed on weekends, excited to get up in the middle and watch TV. "Foursquare, says Li Shen.
Li Shen's home, father and son holding a pillow fight is a common thing, ye were always competing on the TV, and finally to the end of the documentary "memories of me". "The thing I most admire my dad my learning problems, he never dry up, only three words, ' good job, ' I can't let him down!" Li Shen said.
"mathematics calculation" frame up communication bridge
last, third students Wu Jiawen to parents and children a improved communication of formula---"1+1= communication" on equivalent Yu "smile + eyes = communication", "parents of understanding equivalent Yu children of for bit thinking, generation gap of depth is children whether to active solution and more communication, and at communication, and expression himself of mood!" She suggested that all parents, children empathy is better to teach the child what is changing, how to think, and other child enrichment, the generation gap was covered, flattening, rather than take their children to buy tools, told them the way, to give them a few words of comfort and encouragement. Only with good parents and children can build a bridge for communication.

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