Baby, what is really needed

  lead: your little guy really needs is not a senior toy or clothing, he wants--joy, laughter and plenty of love. Try these methods, they will make your baby really felt the love from mother.
1, witty footwork
play some classical music, dance holding the baby gently and gradually coaxed him to sleep. If baby's playfulness is strong, you can choose to play some rhythm more lively music, just as long as you like, and then dancing with a baby in the room.
2, baby
at the first opportunity even though babies don't understand what you are saying, but he liked to hear your voice. You can choose to not be torn, read to the baby and let him feel special texture of the book. Read the content better to have clear rhythm, this can cause your baby's interest.
3, took the baby to "adventure"
pet shop is a good choice. You can let the baby puppy waving see turtles swimming. Those colors and different patterns of birds and fish are able to attract baby's attention. Tireless running hamsters in the cage is a lovely guy.
/> 4, and the baby you may have heard and neonatal skin to stick close together can strengthen the connection between you. When when you and your baby and the two men are alone, you can often do this kind of activity. Dad can also bathe the baby after baby dancing around naked, it's a fun experience.
, foot massage baby skin lotion odorless and tasteless oil palm, warm then rub on baby's heel, you slide each finger in turn from the baby's heel to his toes. Then, gently pinches the baby's toes, and then on his toes with your fingers gently rub below. Next, the ankle movement. Gently hold baby's little feet in circles, or side to side. Finally, rubbing with your fingers baby foot circular parts and their top.
6, leg exercise
even before the baby is learning to crawl, you also need to help him to exercise the leg muscles. Let the baby lie on, gently lift one of his legs, obliquely placed in front of the baby, and then for another leg. Straighten baby's legs and gently swing. Finally, the light holds the baby's legs pedaling a bicycle motion.
7, bloating problem to solve baby
Remove baby clothes and diapers, pour baby oil on your hands. Alternate hands massaging baby's lower portion of the trunk. Massage down from the lower chest to the abdomen, and then to baby's legs. Then, from the baby's abdomen lower right clockwise massaging his stomach, to the lower left, two hands alternately. The action can help baby exhaust.
8, Cook your own baby food
mash banana paste, or fruit or vegetables (such as apples, pumpkins) steamed cooked soup. The extra soup in the refrigerator for later consumption.
, let your baby enjoy bath time if your baby is usually shower with you, let him alone the tub every now and then--of course, you can't leave his eyes for a moment. See how he has inside the tub and toys.
10, occasionally indulgent baby
mess around environmental mess around occasionally, even in the body which could have their own is when you eat soup can be allowed. He will find it very interesting.
11, and your baby laugh (although you may find nothing funny)
sometimes little guys will be laughing for no reason, then you can go with him, the two of you will get a lot of fun.
12, creativity
baby wrap make water not wet, naked, on the kitchen floor (or any other safe, level place) covered with a large piece of paper, some toxic, washable paint. Teach baby how to use brush to paint. Even if he is in most of the pigments to dye yourself, you don't have to care too much, he is free to play, pick your favorite color, wipe out the pattern you like, you just have to finally give him a bath.
13, makes diaper fun
some of the brightly colored ribbons sewn together and put them on top of finishing. When you are changing a baby's diaper blow those ribbons, baby will be very interested.
14, let your baby be the protagonist of the story
next time when taking baby to the Zoo, take a camera, anywhere baby pictures. After the photos, made an album, at the bottom of each photo accompanied by commentaries, so that a record of babies around the story book from the Zoo. Always read this with baby story book to follow his lead.
15, a "water festival"
Let the baby sitting in the bathtub, or a small bath and allow the baby to sit in it. Into the water in the bathtub or tub and toys. Let baby water play. Of course, it all under your supervision.
16, becomes a package
when the baby is a gift of the artist, when he usually more interested in the colorful wrapping paper gift boxes outside. You can often play with baby toys wrapped in gift paper and even wrapped up one of his favorite toy, he will be excited.
17, give baby personally perceive the chance
in a shoe box on different kinds of paper, such as aluminum foil, wax paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, etc. Make baby feel like they feel different, and they make different sounds.
18, baby beds create a fragrant atmosphere
take the lavender smell of sesame oil into a spray bottle full of water, to smell the smell of sesame oil is advisable. Shake well before your baby fall asleep after spraying on his rug, this can help your baby fall asleep more quickly.
19, listened to his voice
When you clapped, or when you laugh, you should put aside their work at hand to respond. This will encourage him to say what wants to say.
20, then again
selected from this list every day items and baby alike. He will not bother to enjoy your love.

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