Measure baby's personality in the popularity

  the so-called enemy, victorious, baby you know what kind of personalities do? do the following test to see if he is now that was a squib. This test for over 1 years old baby
, follow the baby usually most likely to choose.
1. early morning, when the baby wakes up, he will:
a. rarely cried, played mother in the crib.
b. look around and crackle of pyran language until he is tired.
c. require immediate attention or cry.
d. screaming mother.
e. made sad whimpering sound, reminding MOM knows.
2. When you first give the baby a bath, he is shown as:
a. water like little ducks.
b. was a little surprised and afraid, and then immediately fell in love with.
c. is very sensitive, was a bit shaken looked frightened.
d. He was excited, fight tooth and nail spray.
e. He was reluctant, crying.
3. If an action he was suddenly terminated, he:
a. cooperation not to cry.
b. crying sometimes, but can be coaxed into other activities.
c. cried for several minutes until calm.
d. kicking call sitting on the ground.
e. cried as if your heart is broken.
4. your baby tantrums, as follows:
a. injustice crying, easy comfort upset.
b. has clearly demonstrated, for example, fists clenched, frown and cry, comfort is required to restore calm.
c. completely trashed, as if coming.
d. out of control action, throwing things.
e. is a little violent, push and pull action.
5. when playing with the children, usually he:
a. happy and active participation.
b. to join in, but often feel unhappy.
c. easier to cry, especially a child robbed of his toys.
d. run around, to be interested in anything.
e. don't like group activities, like in the corner, or stolen toys to play.
6. when taking babies to a strange environment, usually he:
a. soon adapted, can still smile.
b. takes a little getting used to, can give a smile, however fleeting.
c. easily disturbed, hiding behind me or pulling me tight.
d. bounced directly in, but apparently not very clear what to do.
e. wants to leave and is very unhappy.
7. If you left the room as a mother and baby:
a. original mind, and after a while began to play again.
b. concerned that unless he is tired or not feeling well, or do not mind.
c. immediately began crying, feeling abandoned.
d. followed MOM steps out.
e. raised his hand to my mother crying out loud.
8. evaluation of your baby is:
a. is very quiet, you almost don't feel at home there was a little one.
b. easy to master, reaction easy to.
c. a bright child.
d. what children are interested in, my eyes are not to leave her.
e. serious children, seems to have its own little mind.
9. baby do you think are the most obvious qualities:
a. behavior and adaptation are very good.
b. and the book baby characteristics of this phase are very consistent.
c. is very sensitive to everything.
d. easy discontent.
e. very headstrong.
10. baby's favorite toys are:
a. any productive toys like building blocks.
b. suitable only for his old toys.
c. single play toys, not too loud so exciting.
d. what like to play with, as long as no one interfered.
e. anything that could knock loud things.
11. If the child is playing with a special toy to him, wants to join with other children, she would:
a. noted the actions of others, but just playing himself.
b. other children came into view, I also had a nervous.
c. was unhappy when he was interrupted.
d. something to play with other children to play at once.
e. would rather play on my own, if you have other children involved in crying.
test results: number, select which option most times, baby what type of character. Angel baby
a class value of this kind of baby is like golden. She is usually very mild, calmly described clearly the time required. When adults are not going to meet her demands, you can very easily in the disgruntled former shifted her attention, which is a cute baby.
class b typical baby like reference books listed in, their behavior is typical, there will be no vexatious case. While occasionally crying, but it is generally well-behaved, really starting to freak, is easy to placate.
c baby temper such babies are often very sensitive, angry because of the negligence of parents to a point and, in addition, their performance in public is not good, especially when you feel oppressed and, because they are focused on the sense of space, so when they do things at your own pace when and if disturbed, prone to mood swings. Parents pay more attention to detail, will reduce the occurrence of wars.
d fighting baby the baby very confident, it shows a strong sense of conquest, when offended, he would not hesitate to fight back. So, when he cries, it showed great patience, if you do not meet all his requirements, cannot think of a better way to guide him, will have to put up with the noise, until he was tired so far.
e irritable baby this kind of baby is stubborn, cranky, you need others to obey his will, the more you "oppression" him, the more he acts hysterical, even if you give in, he still depend. Parents need to look at themselves, if you have that kind of personality, or spoil.

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