Dad how to play baby games

  and baby play game is not mother of patent Oh! most of father really of is like and children in with, but they privately regular complained: "I is injury through has brain--until he will lost ball of when, play some two people fun of movement also is simple, but now he also is a baby, I can and he play some what does?"
here we provide some tips to help with her father and 0~1sui baby. Development characteristics of
/> birth to three months: children born in the first few months, unable to concentrate for a long time, he is
moving objects will not quickly lose interest.
and child, sing to him
If children prefer their mother's voice, Dad don't be disheartened, children usually prefer a higher-pitched voice, particularly their mother's voice. End of the female child will change, add some sound of crescendo and diminuendo, and exaggerated, but father's manner of speaking is more emphasized, a lower pitch, all Argle fewer changes, children often feel a parent's voice better than my mother's voice "quiet".
I of son one age zhiqian, daily I will and he for a special of walking and singing time:
1. I hold with he, let he of head by with I of jaw,, he again big some, is let he by with I of shoulder;
2. then we both on with walking 10-15 minutes, I also side singing to he listening to;
3. times Hou, I on found children on some tunes compared interested in, remember to put they remember down, repeat to children listening to, times more more more good, Kids tend to like some of the songs.
preparing a VAT of moderate temperature bubble bath, and baby bath.
Let the children lie on your chest, the body half in the water, half out of the water, you can also rub your baby's body, limbs and water poured over his body, he can also learn to play in the water, enjoy the water brought him comfort. Grappling with a quarrelling babies in the bath with him before going to bed, is a good way. Development characteristics of
3-6 months
: children after a three-month-old, would like to play his hand, this stage is supervised stretching themselves, touching someone else's stage. Pull
after the baby is three months old, and he should play the game a lot easier, because from that point on, the child will do more and more purposeful, seemed to put more thought in action. Within three months after the birth, baby's muscles tight, bent arms and legs towards his body; three months later, he would like to play his hand, this stage is supervised stretching themselves, touching someone else's stage, he would like to play my father's moustache, hair and also keep touching your face, nose and ears.
to give them a bracelet or a ring similar to the bracelets, he can do a lot of games. I like to play with my son pulled the game, I called it "taking hand from Daddy's hands". When a child is older he strength of the hand loop is going to get bigger, making it harder to retrieve the bracelet.

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