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Good MOM would look at baby ill sign

  1. babies six months after periods of high disease
some smart mother records the child's temperature every day, what to eat and how much to eat, go out and play how long, even wear the clothes. In this way, once the baby is abnormal it is easy to judge. Many parents think that children can eat, sleep and long weight, felt nothing, ignore the usual records of the observation.
in fact, some small changes, and may sometimes be signs of illness, can sleep through eating, drinking, playing, Isaac, to observe. Yes, Orange, observe the child's urine? are loose stool, mucous? these are easily observed. But most of the time after the child is toilet was soon washed away, parents may not be aware.
as well as sleep, children are sleepiness, irritability, night terrors, or not to sleep? which prompted our kids may lurk all sorts of diseases. Many times the child is sleeping with old man or a nanny, mothers may not notice, it is the parents incompetent performance.
If after 6 months, infant maternal immunoglobulins the body completely runs out, the high incidence of the disease began. So for 6 months babies than ever to be vigilant. Must not effect that. Especially in spring, alternating hot and cold seasons, are the high season of colds and other diseases.
2. competent parents wash
baby will not move himself, some diseases from their parents. Parenting after coming home from the outside, you want to wash your hands with SOAP, baby, and try not to bring your baby to crowded places. Anyone in the family had a cold, should wear masks and stay away from infants and young children to avoid droplets.
because of the cold virus infection through the nasal Mucosa, so try not to let the child suck his fingers and pick your nose. In addition, go back or before a meal, but also to form a good habit of children wash their hands. This need to parents lead by example, and health awareness.
3. cultivate habits of water
water since childhood to the adult important, equally important for the baby. Many mothers think babies don't like to drink water, drink plenty of milk is water. This poor, water is an important means to strengthen kidney function, filter out the toxins.
Add complementary after the baby, be sure to drink water every day, usually 150 ml is baby day water demand. For refusing to drink baby, must not have been his, could start with fruit juice and water, the best against more light, less and less juice, near water. In conclusion, cultivation is up to the parents to the baby's habits, if he's 10 months without water, the one year old and he's not one to drink, until the age of two and three years old, if it has not developed the habit of drinking, is very bad for your health.

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