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Neonatal jaundice is going

  most newborn (about 60% of term son, and 80% of premature) in was born Hou 2-3 days began in skin, and oral mucosa and whites part appeared mild yellow dye, and Palm and soles General not appeared yellow dye, yellow Yu 4th to 5th days most heavy, term son in health Hou 7-10 days itself faded, and premature can delay to health Hou 2nd to 3rd large faded, this during children sucking, and sleep and growth situation are good, toilet color normal, also no other does not apply performance, if check blood, Total serum bilirubin concentration in term infants up to 205umol/L (or 12mg/DL) , premature infants up to 256umol/L (or 15mg/DL), a phenomenon known as "jaundice".
are many causes of jaundice, mainly because in the fetal stages of fetal oxygen supply through the mother, lack of oxygen, so need more red blood cells in the blood of the fetus to compensate for the deficiency of red blood cells each with oxygen. Children was born Hou, established has himself of breathing, through himself to directly sucking oxygen, oxygen of supply on full has, no longer need too much of red blood cells to with oxygen, so extra of red blood cells on was children body damage, produced has excess of bilirubin; addition, due to bilirubin to by liver into to discharge body outside, and liver of this into function in newborn period is not sound, unable to completely bear this task, Combined with the normal intestinal flora in neonates has not yet been established but not via bile into intestinal excrete bilirubin after further transformation. Thus, excessive accumulation of bilirubin in the blood of yellow, when more than a certain amount, to dye the skin, mucous membranes and eyes yellow.
jaundice had no effect on children's health in General, does not require special treatment.
If the child in the first days after birth is jaundice, prolonged or excessive jaundice, or jaundice (beyond the normal range), or repeated, it may not be physiological jaundice, you should consult your doctor.

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