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Babies should not eat food

  children like to eat some of the colorful, delicious food, and some children like to eat adult food and drinks; and parents always to give children nutritious food. Medical experts remind parents, following more than 20 kinds of foods children should not eat to eat, otherwise, more harm than good.
/> 1, Orange oranges although nutritious, containing beta-carotene, overeating, prone to "beta-carotene dermatology", abdominal pain, diarrhea, and even lead to bone disease. Children eat an orange a day not more than medium size 4.

2, spinach contains large amounts of oxalic acid in spinach and oxalic acid on the body of calcium and zinc zinc oxalate and calcium oxalate, easily absorbed and excreted.
growth and needs a lot of calcium and zinc in children, if the body lacks calcium and zinc, can lead to bone and tooth development not only bad, but also affects the mental development.
egg eggs is nutritious components of a comprehensive food, but eating too much will increase cholesterol levels in the body, likely to cause excess nutrients, leading to obesity, but also increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidney, causing dysfunction.
the children eat eggs every day should not exceed 3.
4, contains a lot of tannic acid in the tea
tea, iron-tannic acid meets iron-tannic acid in the human body, it is difficult to be absorbed, likely to cause iron deficiency.
children iron deficiency anemia can occur not only, but also affects the mental development.
jelly is not made of fruit juice with sugar with water, but with thickening agents, flavors, sour agents, colouring agents, sweeteners, preparation, and no nutrition people value these substances on the human body, but have a certain toxicity, eat more or eat may affect children's growth and development and mental health.
a variety of salted fish and salted fish are a great second methyl nitrite, which enter the body, will be converted into dimethyl highly carcinogenic nitrosamines.
research shows that 10 years ago ate salted fish, adults 30 times higher risk of cancer than the average person.
the children should not eat to eat salted fish.
bubble gum, bubble sugar of plasticizer containing toxic and its metabolites phenol is also harmful to the human body.
Moreover, child eating bubble gum approach is not health, likely to cause gastro-intestinal diseases.

8, saccharin is currently. Kids ' consumption of sweet foods and drinks, and many joined the saccharin.
studies have shown that high consumption of saccharin can cause diseases of the blood, heart, lungs, peripheral neuritis, damage at your stomach, kidney, and bladder and other organs.
to provide for the patient and a child may not use saccharin in foods.
beans contain a goitrogenic factors, can contribute to thyroid hormone excreted, and thyroid hormone in the body lacks, the body in order to meet this need the thyroid gland enlargement.
date of the growth and development of children are in more vulnerable, so children should not eat to eat soy foods.
10, Panax
at present, the market there are many ginseng foods, such as malt ginseng candy, ginseng, Ginseng powder, ginseng biscuits, as well as ginseng royal jelly and so on.
ginseng promotes secretion of sex hormones, use ginseng can cause precocious puberty in children, seriously affecting the normal physical development.
11, canned
food in the production process have added a certain amount of a food additive, additive toxicity, have little effect on adults depend on the developmental stages of iron has a very significant influence on children, not only damages health, and it can lead to chronic poisoning, so children should not eat canned.

popcorn with high lead content, lead to fondle the body damage to nerves, and hematopoietic function of the digestive system.
lead detoxification function of the child weak, eat eat popcorn, prone to chronic lead poisoning, causing loss of appetite, diarrhea, irritability, purple gums as well as growth and restructuring, and so on.
instant noodles instant noodles with food coloring and preservatives that are disadvantageous to the human body, eat or eat more easily cause the child nutrition disorders, affecting growth, development and health.
of sunflower seed sunflower seed unsaturated fatty acids and children eating more will consume large amounts of choline, influence the function of liver cells, can also cause for "fluid" children resulting in dry.
, Cola drinks contain a certain amount of caffeine in Cola drinks, caffeine on the central nervous system is stimulated, there is potential harm to the human body.
, children in different tissues and organs have not been developed, and detoxification function of weak resistance against bigger, so children don't drink Cola.
, animal fat children eat or eat animal fat, can not only cause obesity, can also affect the absorption and utilization of calcium, a long time easily lead to diseases caused by calcium deficiency.
17, kebabs
kebab, grilled and smoked food, in the burning process will produce 20-aniline and 3.4 strong carcinogens such as benzopyrene, children often eat or eat more of these coke-plant food, carcinogens can be saved in the body and cancer-prone adults. Chocolate

18, children eat too much chocolate, will make the central nervous system in the excited state, produces anxiety muscle twitching, rapid heartbeat affect appetite.
19 ,
salt should not exceed 5 grams a day for children, if salt many adults prone to diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease and stomach cancer.

liver contain large amounts of cholesterol, children often eat or eat more liver makes cholesterol increased, likely to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in adulthood.

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