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Baby supplemental lutein is known as Visual development

  first of all, on a daily basis, parents should pay attention to your baby to avoid daylight, Flash, Yuba (Blu-ray) eyes, avoiding the baby sleeping in the strong light.
Secondly, pay attention to eating habits from the start, complement more dark green vegetables rich in lutein; zhuoqin Jiang, Deputy Director of the Institute of preventive medicine Professor of Zhongshan University, studies showed that lutein is like "invisible sunglasses." As a way to help key antioxidant eye health, lutein is highly concentrated in infants and young children the macular area of the retina, retinal can effectively protect infants from injuries due to Blu-ray, for young eyes to the barrier effect in infants. In addition, lutein, an antioxidant, can effectively protect the retina from oxidative damage.
zhuoqin Jiang also said that the body cannot synthesize lutein, obtained from food. Breast milk is rich in lutein. Due to the formula with lutein is not listed, in the case of not breastfeeding or breast milk is not enough, infant lutein intake from the diet is extremely important. Jiang Professor suggested that infants notice to eat more dark-green vegetables, lutein found in dark green vegetables such as spinach, cabbage. Most infants and young children are often short of eating vegetables, zhuoqin Jiang Professor advises parents to pay special attention to this problem, ensure that sufficient lutein intake in the diet of infants.
outside of lutein, vitamin a, DHA, AA, and so on, is the baby eye development essential nutrients, they together with lutein to promote the healthy development of the baby's eyes. Vitamin a-rich foods such as eggs, cheese, and strengthen butter DHA found in mackerel, salmon and other oily fish and shellfish and other foods; AA found in meat, poultry and eggs. Our parents that infants ' nutrition balanced diet so that infants receive full and proper nutrients.

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