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Teething baby feeding problem

  a lot of parents have a misunderstanding, saying the molar rod is the child out of the tooth and let him chew, actually Heinz molar rod is made of vegetables and flour. It is mainly at the time of eruption of deciduous teeth, and ease the symptoms of itching and pain in the gums, the baby needs to have a certain hardness of something to help him when these symptoms, if too soft, is easy for children to bite it because his swallowing is not perfect, easy card to the baby.
molar Rod requires a certain degree of hardness.
again has, may has some parents will took some molar device to children, molar device General is with LaTeX made of or other of products, children in mill of when mill down any things to, this vegetables molar rod in long time of mill yihou, will mill out some vegetables and flour of powder to, this powder both card not to children, and can meet children psychological of comfort, is has a achievements sense, is said he mill Xia some things to has.
q: food from the adults Chew and then feed your baby right?
a: this is a very unscientific, not only to health, nor to the baby's growth.
asked: my daughter is now six months, premature birth, 29 +4, can now use the molar rod? Molar Rod should be used after the pre-tooth or teeth?
a: first molars of biscuit stick is different from ordinary, we used before the recommendations were in teething, because of its hardness helps babies reduce the discomfort of GERMINAL. After teething, if eight months, you can eat our chewing exercise children's chewing.

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