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Benefits of breastfeeding for mothers

  our benefits of breastfeeding the baby very familiar, but how many people can count the enormous benefits of breastfeeding to mothers out of it? Some new mothers through breastfeeding the first obstacle, often feel exhausted, like milk and patience were the arms of little man drained. Individual mothers or even boredom on the breastfeeding, breastfeeding seems to be to long to give; his mother, not only a little bit of benefit has not been, but also the many difficult, and having heard the future can cause sagging breasts and other body changes, must beat a retreat.
in fact, to breast-feed is a common pay, mutual gift between both mother and child. Sears said the mother gave her baby milk, nutrition and love sucking nipples in turn stimulate mother and baby nerve, messages to the pituitary gland, promoting the secretion of prolactin. One of the hormone prolactin stimulates maternal instinct, this magical substance in the body of the mother Highway tour, telling her where to turn, inspired her as a mother's feelings.
Let's take a closer look at the benefits of breastfeeding to mothers:
1, breastfeeding helps mothers involution of the uterus.
newborn sucking nipples for a few minutes after giving birth can cause uterine contractions, bleeding. Your baby's sucking stimulates secretion of oxytocin and uterine restored to pre-pregnancy size. Lactating maternal uterus recover more quickly and thoroughly than not breast-feeding mothers.
2, breastfeeding helps mothers body recovery.
during pregnancy mother's body fat savings, is the nature store for lactating postpartum "fuel". Breastfeeding mother extra calories you consume, nursing mothers metabolism will change, can achieve weight loss without dieting. As breast milk for the baby to have a healthy, normal figure, baby also helps MOM back in shape. Moreover, breastfeeding does not change the shape of the breasts, the changes caused by pregnancy. What's more, even if they do not feed, reach a certain age, breast down.
3, breastfeeding protects mothers from the intrusion of some diseases.
many studies have shown that even breastfeeding for several months, will be considerably less than the chances of developing breast cancer have never been lactating women. Compared with never breastfeeding women, breast-feeding mothers of more than 25 months reduced their risk of developing breast cancer one-third. Moreover, breastfeeding baby girl less than the chance of developing breast cancer in the future do not eat milk baby girl. Breastfeeding may also prevent ovarian cancer, urinary tract infections, and osteoporosis.
4, breastfeeding is a natural family planning.
for many years a large number of studies have shown that certain ways of breast feeding, at least in the first 6 months after the baby is born, is a natural and effective means of contraception. A breastfeeding for at least one year of United States mother's investigation found that some mothers started menstruating at around 6 months, some mothers were 2.5 years again until months later. No menstrual period on average is 14.6 months. Reduction in menstrual period, and reduce the chance of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other terminal illnesses, there is a direct correlation.
5, breastfeeding meets both baby and mother.
fed milk every mother knows, there's nothing more convenient than the breast. A crying baby, MOM lifted lift clothes can feed without having to scramble to boil water, red milk, hot milk, or wait for milk cooling. Baby is one of the psychological characteristics, as soon as there is a demand, we must immediately meet, their immature bodies neither know nor suitable for waiting. Eat when hungry sweet milk, give the baby a better build trust for life. Breastfeeding can avoid the trouble of prepared milk powder can also be exempt from guilt and anxiety caused by the baby's crying mothers. Especially at night, breast-feeding can help the whole family slept more soundly. Is particularly convenient when traveling and don't have to worry about water supply, feed bottle disinfection, cleaning and so on.
6, lactating mother's body relaxed and cheerful.
will find the people who observed breastfeeding mothers, nursing mother in very peaceful, baby will eat eating quietly asleep, as if the two men were taking a natural sedative. That's exactly the case. Breast milk contains a protein that naturally promotes sleep, let the baby sleep while MOM and baby's sucking action also makes hormones of the body helps relax. Many busy mothers reflect, after a busy day, feeding can let yourself relax, overworked tired feeling will disappear naturally. Breastfeeding is also make moms feel good thing, a mother's milk into the baby's mouth, baby face becomes shiny red, mother's heart will rise to unparalleled pride. Mother through to breast-feed, more refined understanding of one's own body, enjoying their female characters more.
7, the most important point: breastfeeding helps mothers make a good mother.
breast milk is an important of baby food, and protect baby from germs invade that breastfeeding is much more than a means of feeding. Breastfeeding mothers understand and meet the needs of babies the most natural and effective way. An experienced MOM, "said nursing self-study tool is learning to be a good mother. "
first, breastfeeding mothers are biologically different from not breast-feeding mothers. Nursing mother's exuberant hormone-prolactin and oxytocin stimulate their love stronger. Late United States Professor of Nile ~ Newton, have conducted an in-depth study of oxytocin, and named the "love hormone". He found that oxytocin secretion is a reflex, when nursing mothers are not only directly in the infant sucking nipples secreting oxytocin, relating to the nursing and in contact with the familiar sights, sounds and activities, the body automatically oxytocin.
then, when close contact and exchanges between parent and subsidiary body, makes the mother and baby were both mentally and physically is one, in the baby's needs are met at the same time, mother love and care needs are being met. Mother and child is closely related to each other. Sears said, nursing her baby needs more intuitive, less constrained. Baby signals of hunger and anxiety in the mother's body to cause physiological responses (lactation), she felt a heat immediately to pick up the baby to feed him into this timely response to Lopez brings a warm feeling. The mother through breastfeeding, more deep and detailed information on your baby's personality and needs, and more fully master the trick of successfully raising their children.
despite the breastfeeding mother put an enormous amount of energy and time, in fact, they paid during the time, the baby is growing, and even in the distant future, the mother will be incalculable returns.

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