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How do baby teeth protection

  Ming Ming 5 months when love bites, such as Ming Ming when fed cereal, he will bite a small spoonful of don't let go, fortunately we give kids a choice of small spoon is soft. Saliva always flow away, the child's lips are wet clothes front is always wet spread over a large area. No matter what as long as one of his hands, must be sent to it in his mouth and eating a meal, sometimes hang on to it. Wang (my home confinement and childcare sister-in-law) are back from vacation, I told Wang said: "this child mean longer teeth? My old eyes to see clearly, check if there is no teeth. "But getting up the next morning, Wang came to tell me:" Ming Ming had two teeth in the Centre below, revealing two small white spots. No wonder these days Ming Ming spoon bite. "
the eruption to make kids teeth better, also for exercising gums solidity, meet your child's demand for biting and chewing, I let my daughter bought the child molar rod. Grandson loved biting teeth well. Children of small hand took with molar rod, put in mouth in kept of sucking and chew bite, soon on saw molar rod of side (Xia teeth can chew with of that surface) has was chew have MA pit throughout, in mouth in of molar rod end also was saliva soaking have some soft, varies will was will molar rod of a bite broken containing in mouth in has. I'm afraid the children card, quickly pull out the child's mouth, the mouth is molar in great broken waste, I want to pull out, the child not to dig out and make noise, had to swallow with him. Molar Rod but soon children will lose interest and readily molar Rod still on the ground, and to get the other toys to chew. Too! Not to! Molar Rod only ate half of the remaining waste thrown away.

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