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Pregnancy won't hurt the baby

  in order to give birth to healthy babies, many young people, concludes that "computer gave up smoking and drinking ring" trilogy before pregnancy, this phenomenon recently, Beijing University Professor Li Zhu of the Institute for reproductive health – computer will not hurt your baby during pregnancy.
"after 10 years of follow-up, we found that the computer is safe for fetuses. " Recently convened by the Ministry of health in the expert seminar on the implementation measures for the law on maternal and infant health, reproductive health, Peking University Professor Li Zhu of the Institute said. This made those works without computer, and particularly to children young people heaved a sigh of relief.
now, more and more young people before having children, will pay special attention to adjust, remove all undesirable interferences, some young people even concludes that "computer gave up smoking and drinking ring" trilogy before pregnancy. Computers have any harmful effects to the fetus? Reproductive health Institute at Peking University since 1991, and 20 million cases of pregnancy in the country tracking children between the age of 7, looking for influence factors and prevention measures of birth defects in China, will use computers as part of its investigation of the items. Until now experts have not found that expectant fathers mothers using computer will have any adverse effects on the baby's development.
computer extremely low radiation does not affect fetal
in 1979, the United States and Canada reported female computer operators have abortions increase message and fetal abnormality , caused a stir in the community. Medical experts immediately investigated. Results showed that in the first 3 months of pregnancy to operate your computer more than 20 hours a week, significantly higher risk of miscarriage than women in computer operation, but no PC found signs of increased birth defects in offspring of women. Experts from the World Health Organization believes that influence pregnancy outcomes for women in computer operation for many reasons, mostly fatigue and strain, followed by the extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields from the computer.
Professor Li Zhu believes that computer around when there are electromagnetic radiation, including x-rays, ultraviolet radiation, visible light, infrared and very high frequency, high frequency, medium frequency and extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields and electrostatic field. But their emission intensity are very faint, far below the values of Chinese and international health standards requirements.
10-year follow-up survey showed that computer the amount of radiation on the human body are safe, including pregnant women, sperm, eggs, zygotes, embryos and fetuses are safe. Individual computer operators in real life a miscarriage or give birth to a deformed fetus is accidental cannot give computers "conviction". He therefore advised expectant MOM and dad don't have to "talk about computer color change", use computers before and after normal pregnancy, without affecting your baby.
has high-risk factors should early b Super check
Li Zhu Professor while to out has has was confirmed of May led to newborn was born defects of several high-risk factors: Associate mother age in 35 age above who; pregnancy early trained virus infection, especially rubella virus infected; pregnancy early part trace elements lack, especially iodine and folic acid lack who; pregnancy early contact had x light Ray or benzene, and lead, and mercury, harmful material who; pregnancy early not in doctor guide Xia medication who.
Professor Li Zhu recommends that mothers-to-be should have high risk factors in early pregnancy ultrasound examination, from 14 weeks to 18 weeks of pregnancy ultrasound examination can be screened between much of the cardiac anomalies, open neural tube defects and anomalies are cleft.
studies have shown that oral folic acid in early pregnancy can be effective in preventing neural tube defects, and will avoid the 15% other 35% of congenital heart disease and deformities.

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